sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

Moving Hold and a Flash Animation


This time some finished proyects:

My first Flash animation is done! And I think it looks very pretty :D It was done for a school proyect in which we were asked to created a demo of a business. Ours was a pet hotel.

I found that Flash is an easy software to use, you can play your animations instantly, edit stuff, use layers, etc. But what really makes this program, and perhaps any other, is the possibility to use basic animation principles regarding the tool or technique, to create well done animations.
In this case I did not animated any character, I just did animations for texts and shapes, more like motion graphics. But yet I did applied timing, some squash and stretch, some spacing, and of course, a narrative. 


As for hand drawn animation, I've been working with moving holds; Animations that remain almost static, but have some changes on them, like a tiny detail (hair, ear) To show that the character is alive, and not a cutout there.
In this case, the character moves way too much. I'd say its almost out of the moving hold category... but hey, it is my first try.
I guess the fix would be too add a lot of frames between each particular movement. Like spreading out his tiny actions into a 10-12 seconds scene.

And the daily sketch. I'll keep working on this one to make it more... clearer XD

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