sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

Learning FLASH

Yes, that's right! I decided to learn some flash.
A couple of opportunities appeared and they require Flash knowledge... Also, I believe is not the tool but the animation what matters, that's why I'll learn flash too ;)

Here is what I did yesterday.
I found some nice ways to mix traditional animation to the weird flash timeline. It seems that if you take those basics, you don't need a huge amount of tutorials to get it.

I've noticed also that Flash is great to animate graphics and 2D cutout stuff. Makes it look very design-like.

DO NOT LET FLASH SOLVE TOO MANY INBETWEENS!!! - Yeah, had to write that somewhere. It reminds me to not use too much "tweens" to solve animations. They just end up being too mechanical.

Ohh, Flash is also a good and quick way to test basic animation stuff like spacing.

You can make nice timing tests too ^^.

In other topics. I'm working with a little animation for school. I was thinking on doing it with 3D stuff (Maya, etc) Did a test and this is what I got:

Not too far away from what I wanted, but I decided to do it with Flash and in 2D instead. The final version will be done soon! :D. Here is a screenshot ;)

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