miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

Goat Kid animation progress

Hello again!!

Time for a quick update (I must finish writting an essay...)

I've been working on an animation which involves a little bit more complex character than the ones I've done before.
I'm trying to achieve:
-a methodology to animate complex characters without going crazy
-good expressions
-good movement by understanding that there is no need to draw a huge amount of frames for the movement to look fluid, but use animation fundamentals wisely. 
-Change in characters thought: curious - undelighted

What I like:
-I'm beginning to find really attractive and important the use of construction figures (spheres and cubes) to solve movement
-I could say my consistency from frame to frame has been improving
-his hands - simple = easy to understand

What I do not like:
-The overlap on the ears. When he is leaning forward, they take too much time to settle down.
-The end of the animation is too abrupt. I should draw some frames with his hands and ears overlapping, reaching a nice settling pose.


This was a really quick animation in FLASH. It's quite nice to be able to check your animation on-the-go with the timeline playback, but yet, is not the same as animating on paper... There really is something special about it that digital stuff can't copy.
I can say, by trying out both techniques, why the industry has decided to stop making traditional animation... The sad truth is that it takes too much time to get it done right, from the acquisition of the knowledge to the production itself. I don't believe though, it is all lost, I like to think it is just the way animators are trying to be just like any other worker, the more they try to be like the others, the more the  industry look for ways to make their work, which is not work but art, play within the rules of a market that aims to sell consumer products, and not art.

Anyways, I'll keep working on both techniques, 3D included ;)

As for the 2D (the one that doesn't moves), here it is an illustration I'm working on. It has to do with my weird story thing where the Goat Kid and the Dog dude are involved.
I'm beginning to notice that if you take a topic, a proyect, and use it as an excuse to explore different art techniques and aspects (animation, illustration, 3d, design, storyboarding, writting) you can stay interested and enjoy the ride, everything while you create something worth showing.

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