jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

WalkCycle with an exaggerated passing

Hello people.

>> Hey, if someone out there knows about an animation-related site where I could ask for advice, that'd be great. :D

Today's update is a little bit short.

My fourth walk cycle is finished. Here I tried to do an exaggerated breakdown position, which altered the overall development of the other three.
I think it looks fine, is not cleaned, so lines are quite sketchy, but I wanted to focus on the motion of it.

Walk cycle 4
-I like the delay on the step
-head keeps getting bigger/smaller
-head must follow an arc!

And this is what I'm working on: Some rotation excercises to keep masses solid and nice at all angles ^^
This cube rotates too fast for my taste. Should work on a slower one, perhaps rotating in another angle. One face rotation per 24f, make it smoother -- cycle.

domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Happy Ball and Stuff

My first solution for a happy ball in 2D is ready. I tried to make a ball that jumped fast and kept it's momentum, thus giving it some autonomy. 
I used some keys, mostly to keep myself from doing whatever came to my mind. But I do forced myself to work on a straight ahead way, that is, solve from the first to the next key without inbetweens, just one after the other. It seems this approach gives more flow.

The other stuff has to do with a random animation I began working on today. Again, keeping the straight ahead animation idea, I figured out the movements of this guy, now without keys. I hope to develop a better understanding of succession here :P. 
Oh, I'm trying out backgrounds and places for my characters to play in here! 
Here is the work in progress:
Also, another ball, this time turning around. 
I wanted to see how a squashed ball will look when going in front of the camera. It seems that squash gives the ball more speed, or more mass. 
The bottom one is just a ball without any deformations at all. 

aaand just to finish, I did this simple test on how does a head looks when it turns, paying special attention to the blinking action.

miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

Walk Cycles

Time to upload some of the walk cycles I just did.
The first one is a diagnostic excercise. I solved that one without reference nor any idea of good animation, just me, the paper and some notion of a guy walking. The second one was just a little wrap up of the basic walk Richard Williams talks about, and the third one is a complete cycle with theory applied on it:


These three show my little progress until now, they are not great, but with time and study they will become better. And of course, having a record for them here is not a bad idea.
Thanks for watching! 

Ps. watch those arcs

-Extremely stiff
-arms do not follow an arc
-feet delay
-incosistent drawing
-feet do not react with floor
-arms do not bend at all

-feet bend and react with floor
-arms follow a slight arc - not enough
-I like the bending knee on the down position
-feet get too high while passing - analize motion path
-arms do not flow

-head dances
-hands do not follow motion; they do not respond to their weight
-the character goes slightly down
-left arm, when going forward, is not following an arc at all
-amrs enlongate
-left knee flickers during passing pos
-up position is too delayed - no power
-arms still do not flow

martes, 19 de febrero de 2013

Hand Flipbooks

As far as I've learned, flipbooks can help with animation flow and progression. I decided to work on some of them, both digital and on paper and this is what I got. 
Again, comments and suggestions are highly appreciated ^^ 

 The paper one was quite hard to flip XD
That's all for today guys! I'm working on a bunch of walk cycles to keep working with 2D animation =P 

domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

First animation entry

Hello and welcome again!

As my first entry I'm posting these balls bouncing. 
I'm just a beginner right now, testing out timing, spacing and the use of time charts. Being those quite helpful. 
I'm following Richard Williams' Animators Survival Kit book closely, so a lot of the stuff here will work around those basics. 

As for the tools used:
I love traditinal pencil and paper, but as you know, is not easy to get a light table, so I may use Adobe Photoshop from time to time. Once you get the idea is a very powerfull software to make some frame per frame animations ^- ^.

I'm adding these excercises to the record.

Up and running

Hello and welcome to my blog! 

All my animation studies / progress / projects will be published here, hoping to recieve comments and good critics. 
I'll use this as an animation journal where my thoughts and ideas will be laid. 

Time to personalize this place! 
That's all for entry 1, entry 2 will have my humble beginings on the topic. 

See you soon! :D 

Here, have some of the stuff I've been working on: