miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

Flour Sack. Animation

This one is a quick animation I did, trying to practice the straight ahead method of animating something. I also wanted to make some wider movements than just walks or turn arounds.

The planning on this one was also quick, but useful, here is what I did before animating:

I came up with the idea of a flour sack jumping by trying out some wierd or fun possitions for it. 

I then planned the overall actions it was going to perform, craeting what I guess is called a layout. 

Here I figured out how the sack was hanging from the rope, its timing and spacing. I payed special attention on the way forces moved through the body and to the rope. A flour sack is intended to be alive, giving it the possibility to create movement, or "create" forces. Its not just a stiff haning object. 

fall tests.

And here is the video:

And some illustration work. 
I just finished my little devil pic. Decided it was too large, so I croped it. 

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