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Back to school

I'm back again to school, which explains the late update, but here it is, a huge amount of stuff I've done during the last few weeks of summer and this first week of school.

-Eased arm
I've done one before. This one has a small anticipation.

-Eased ball

-pingpong ball
I really do not like this one, it has too much spacing. What I wanted to do was to get the timming for a pingpong ball, which has a quick bounce. 
What makes it look even more wrong I think is the squash...
It's lacking a nice cushion at the top of the last bounces, which adds to the lousy movement...

-bouncing marbel 
And this one is much better, with a quick bounce, not much energy is preserved. 

-falling ballon

-falling vase

Hmmm, I think that's it for animation. I havn't done too much with traditional these days... 
I've also worked on some dialogues and words, but those with some 3D characters. When something nice is done I'll show it to you  ;)

I've got a lot into oil painting lately. It has a lot more to it than digital stuff, even though it's harder, without instant mistake correction (ctrl+z), and it doesn't dry out instantly either XD-

But it does has a lot of artistic stuff, improves decision making and problem solving.
Here are some of the tiny paintings I've done.

All of them have been done in one sit, taking from 1 to 1:30 hours each. Some made from direct observation, others from imagination, and others from places I've been. 
I saw this scene on the airport, then some days later I made the painting from what I remembered, but mostly liked, about the scene. 








This picture came to me while reading Crime and Punishment. This scene has to do with the main character walking down the streets, when suddenly hearing some particular conversation that pushes the series of events that makes up the whole story.

It is a really quick picture, focused on the colors and the composition. Figures are not defined, just enough to understand the scene. What I wanted to settle down was the way colors, ligths and shadows, tell a story within a picture. 

In this case, the silhouette, watching from the dark, belongs to the obscure character thinking obscure things. The bright guys in the right side of the scene talk about random stuff, not so random for the main character though, but they are good guys. 

I added a little bit of red just to make a small "prediction" within the picture. Perhaps going too much into the cliché (Red = danger), but it helps tell the message. 

This way of doing pictures, taking inspiration from stories, really puts the basic concepts of art into work, since they are not just created to paint nice pictures, but to make pictures work, or say something. 


Here is another picture, this time without a concrete story, but with some words in mind:
afternoon, coffee shop, rain, comfortable, city. 

Yes, it has something to do with the Goat Kid story, it may exist within its world; cluttered buildings, a dirty city, lots of stuff, etc.

What I was looking for here was the contrast with these two colors: yellow and blue, and how yellow, being a warm color, can create a comfortable atmosphere within a blue, cold scenario. 


And here is a quick sketch with another character that may be part of the Goat Kid world.

This guy, The mechanic, perhaps is someone that lives alone, building weird things, inventing machines, talking to 
himself, etc. 

He is a cat or something similar. 

And thats all for now! 
Thanks for reading :D 


Funny smoke

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