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Falling Brick and more 3D

Following that schedule I wrote about the other day, here is the third excercise.

This one has to do with timming to achieve a sense of weight -I think XD
Here is my planning. I decided to give it half a rotation and make it hit hard with the edge.
I noticed that, in this case, the full movement ending suddenly adds a lot to the stiffnes of the object, but what do you think?

I also kept myself from using squash and stretch, since it is a very solid brick, it should not deform at all. BUT, perhaps I could use some kind of stretch to create more impact to the exact moment it touches the ground. 

Here is the outcome:

I also did a tiny animation with my goat dude. It was aimed to practice small movements, eyes, and some expressions.

I know he lacks his mouth hahaha but I decided the eyes were enough to tell what's going on.
I have to say I didn't made too much planning on this one, it was more like straight ahead and just from what came to my mind, trying to keep the idea as fresh as possible.


Aaand the 3D stufffs!
>>watching some kind of sports<<

Using the same character I used last time on my walkcycles, with a simple rig (no iks, no animation curves) I'm creating a scene in which the character is watching some sports broadcast, having a good time.
I'm using 3 poses to tell the idea:
1)just sitting down watching
3)reaction to goal


 In this pose I want the character to look relaxed, almost uninterested. He is sitting on a sofa, with his shoulders relaxed, hands and arms on the armrests, no tension nor stress.

I went trough some issues with this one, form the position of the soulders, to the overall tension of the body.
In the picture at left I drew some front views of the guy, looking for the way his shoulders and hips would tilt.

The doodles at the top left are the first ones I did with the idea in mind, perhaps too exagerated, they help to explore the strongest poses. I also drew some kind of timming chart to figure out the overall rythm of the scene.

This is the pose I chose in the end. It has a much more relaxed hip, shoulders tilted to the other side, and a straight head.
This sheet has some alternate version, with a very sassy pose, not what I was looking for. His shoulders have too much energy and the hips are way too high. 


Before getting into the actual interest pose I created a tiny anticipation in which the character notices something on the screen, which makes his body go up a little.
This picture shows some studies on how the guy will go from resting to stressed. I was thinking on something getting you to the edge of the seat pose, in which his hips go forward, hands go to thighs and head gets closer to the T.V. I also explored the idea of making a small gesture with his right hand, like arguing with the T.V.
In this frame the character lifts his chest a little, showing some interest on what he is watching. This happens before the entire movement takes place.
Breakdown pose from notice to interest. Arms get closer to body, torso straightens, legs get closer to sofa.

This is the extreme interest pose, in which his head is going forward, and his arms pressing his legs, just as if he is going to jump, but holding in emotion.
 The fact that this guy has no eyebrows, mouths, ears, or something that can create a face expression makes it quite difficult, but leaves the job to the entire body gesture. The pose is the subject I'm trying to get here, on how it can tell the story, even without a character blinking or saying something.

This is the 3D animation. Extremes are done, as well as some inbetweens and breakdowns.

Timming is also done, but it doesn't read as much with the long hold frames.

And that's all for today guys! No picture making this time. I did worked on some stuff, but is not dry enough to scan it... :P

Thanks for reading and see you later!! :D

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