domingo, 2 de junio de 2013


First of all, the almost usual walk cycle:
This time I did a double bounce designed by Richard Williams. He says that you can create a nice double bounce by making your passing position a down position, as well as the contacts. The rest are ups, and that gives a funny jumping guy XD.

I think this one did not turned out as good as I expected. It has some flow issues, as well as timming issues.

I really think it needs more power on the extreme positions, like those two contacts. But I'll say the bad timming and posing has to do with my struggle on the planning. I tried to plan the walk beginning with the down positions (the down position method) which seems ok until you need to add the contacts. [if you look carefully, my contacts are not good, nor precisely mirrored].

I do like the arms animation, but they need a better timming. The arcs are fine I guess :P

Must keep working on a way to make movement flow nicely through the entire animation. 

And that's for the walk cycle.
CLOUDS - Or something coming through the clouds. Is a small animation proyect I'm working on to find out an easy way to build up a complete colored animation. It is mostly a research excersice for me to find out:

  1. Ways to move backgrounds
  2. Create a visual developement style that does not need of high and expensive technology
  3. Integration of traditional hand drawn animation with some more digital methods, such as After Effects animation and Flash.
  4. A small introduction on sstorytelling - This wont be a full story, it has to look like a scene that may form part of a bigger film

Here are my first thumbnails:

Here I explore the look of the clouds, the overall tone and atmosphere.

I want to create something simple, almost like a moving painting. Tiny accents like the birds will be there, leading the finishing animation of the aircraft appearing, which may be the most complicated thing. Still waiting for some designs of that ship. 

Here are some cloud animations I did yesterday.
They are done in photoshop.

This one was animated with AfterEffects, plane by plane. 

This one is too fast for my taste. Clouds are not a fluid; they do not reform so quickly. 

On upcoming updates I'll show some designs for the aircraft, some more animation studies, perhaps another stills, and whatever comes to my mind ^^.


And for the Illustration part, I finally finished that Goat Kid portrait I've been working on for a while.

I'm quite happy with the result, specially the light and color it has. I'm the kind of guy that prefers dark pictures with few hues, but hey, colors are great too! :D (but not that easy to control hahaha)

And that's all for now!
Thanks for reading! :)

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