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Drinking Tea . Animation

Have a blue devil

The guy-cat that drinks tea - Work in Progress
Since walk cycles are not everything in this life, I decided to do something different. This time I'll work with a simple animation in which a character interacts with an object in an environment. Those three elements will make me focus on how to use background layers, thinking about animation in parts and checking the overall animation over and over until the desired movement is achieved.

It's going to take me a while to finish, as well as a lot of effort. It actually looks more complex than those walk cycles, but if you think carefully, its almost the same: extreme positions, timing, spacing, shapes and volume =P

I'm using an almost generic character; again, what I want to achieve is movement and a way of solving animations.
Until now, I've found that good planning and concentration during the animation process can really boost the overall quality. Also, doing some previous studies regarding issues like anatomy and form can help a lot.

Here, have a look at the beginning of this animation The guy-cat that drinks tea - non walk cycle themed XD.

Please, let me know what you think ^^ 

Any further progress will be shown here, right now I have some extremes and breakdowns set up. 

And, since this is an animation blog, have a walk cycle!! XD 
I tried to make this one with a sense of volume. I guess this is the first one showing the character with something else than a dull profile. 
WalkCycle 8
Done on 8's - also known as cartoon walk 

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