miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Animated Update

A lot of stuff to update today!

Lets begin:
My Tea Drinking animation is still in progress.
I think it needs some changes, specially on the way he reaches for the cup. It's not natural enough, it's not even logical! XD

It's so dark because of the soft lines I used, but you can still follow the path his hand makes, that's what I believe is completely wrong.

I've been working on his head turn at the beginning, here it is:

That's it for this proyect. As I said, it needs some clean up and re-work.

Time for some walk cycles!!
Here I have one that was done entirely on Photoshop, colored and all.

-I definitely prefer working with pencil and paper.
-MUST begin working with hips and shoulders to get body movement! = Rotation in and out
-Added a slight change on his contact foot, just to see what happens. It does not add weight, but adds reaction
-found out that the crazy lines are called boil = has a lot of it

The next walk cycle I've been working on [A huge one] has tree different views. Something more like an animated character sheet. This time I'm not translating the character, but moving his limbs like if he was on a treadmill. Not as easy as it seems!

Here is the front view / pencil test 


And the new animation I'm working on.

This one is something much more story related. It is not exactly a huge story, but it tells something, at least more than just walking dudes.
The idea is that of a guy boiling milk, trying not to get distracted just to avoid milk from burning, but a fly will get in his way and bam! chaos will eventually happen. 

This is just the first part, where he lights the stove. Trying to get the right timing and some acting here. No dialogue.

Simple character to avoid distracting on form and focus on animation.

I think that's all for now.

Thanks for reading! :D

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