miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

Walk Cycles

Time to upload some of the walk cycles I just did.
The first one is a diagnostic excercise. I solved that one without reference nor any idea of good animation, just me, the paper and some notion of a guy walking. The second one was just a little wrap up of the basic walk Richard Williams talks about, and the third one is a complete cycle with theory applied on it:


These three show my little progress until now, they are not great, but with time and study they will become better. And of course, having a record for them here is not a bad idea.
Thanks for watching! 

Ps. watch those arcs

-Extremely stiff
-arms do not follow an arc
-feet delay
-incosistent drawing
-feet do not react with floor
-arms do not bend at all

-feet bend and react with floor
-arms follow a slight arc - not enough
-I like the bending knee on the down position
-feet get too high while passing - analize motion path
-arms do not flow

-head dances
-hands do not follow motion; they do not respond to their weight
-the character goes slightly down
-left arm, when going forward, is not following an arc at all
-amrs enlongate
-left knee flickers during passing pos
-up position is too delayed - no power
-arms still do not flow

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